How to set up Unity for Ouya development

How to deploy your own Unity games to Ouya


My Games

Move It or Lose It

This one's a minimal mobile app, just to see how long it would take to complete and publish the smallest game I could imagine. 10 days as it turns out. Uses tilt (accelerometer) controls only. It was quite educational. Google Play was quick and easy, the Apple Store was... less so. I may even try Windows Phone one of these days. Done in Unity.

Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


Unnecessary Violence

A tongue-in-cheek "road rage" game that's sort of a like a 3D Spy Hunter. It was great for learning about 3D shaders, AI programming, and optimization. Done in XNA.

Available on Xbox Live Indie Games.


Shoot the Rocks

A simple Asteroids clone to learn the basics of XNA and how the game publishing process works. Done in XNA.

Available on Xbox Live Indie Games.



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One of my hobbies is messing around with game development. I'm not some sort of serious Indie Gamer (™) with a studio and grand plans, just a "basement" hobbyist who loves the topic of game design and programming. So this site is my little corner of the web. I'm not the massively chatty type, but if you'd like to follow me on Twitter, I'm @stevetack. Which is nice, since my name is Steve Tack and all.

If you're wondering what the little picture on the upper right is, it's the game Mazogs on ZX-81. Serious NERD CRED there. Here's what it looks like: Mazogs. Here's me with my ZX-81; this would be some time in the early 1980's:

Steve with his ZX-81

And the 2013 me:

Steve in 2013

The Archive

If for some reason you are looking for the old Deus Ex modding stuff I did a million years ago, I've archived the two sites here:

Tack's Deus Ex Lab (my tutorial site for modding the original Deus Ex game)

Deus Ex: ZODIAC (my own fairly elaborate multi-mission Deus Ex single player mod, my first and only game mod)

They were up at their original locations at Planet Deus Ex for twelve years, but finally disappeared in 2014. Pretty good run!